AirExpo is an association composed by students from 3 different Toulouse engeeniring schools. Its aim is to organise an airshow nearby Toulouse. The association has been created by a former ENAC student in 1987.

My contributions

  • Vice-president of the 2009 edition
  • Safety supervisor (volunteer) during the 2010 edition

A few pieces of information from 2009

  • more than 21,000 visitors, 6 hours of presentation with the A380, the French Acrobatic Patrol
  • Honorary President: Jean-Marc THOMAS (Airbus CEO at the time)
  • Mentor: Jean-Claude Hironde Member of the French Aviation and Space Academy and former Dassault-Aviation technic director



You may find her a few of the press articles related to Airexpo (in French):

  • La Dépêche 21/02/2009 : here
  • La Dépêche 28/05/2009 : here
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