Summer is yet to come!

My name is Arnaud Hamon-Keromen. I’m a software engineer @ Clearsy, working on formal data validation for railway systems. I am 30 years old and I currently live in South-east France.

In reverse chronological order I graduated from the ENAC (French Civil Aviation University) as an Engineer in Computer Science in 2011 and graduated from the Toulouse University 3 with a Master degree in Human Computer Interaction (a few month earlier). I defended my PhD in December 2014, for which I worked in the Cockpit R&T in Airbus and at the IRIT lab within the Interactive Critical System team where I stayed an additional year as a post-doc. After an amazing experience @SGT working for NASA in the Robust Software Engineering group, I came back to settle down by the mediterranean sea.

In terms of software engineering, I am mostly interested in:

  • Aviation and cockpits in particular
  • User interfaces / experience design,
  • Interactions and systems modelling,
  • … And I am always curious!